12 February 2011

Rob Warners house/techno chart - February 2011

Psycatron, Tresor, Manik, Shur-i-kan
Classic sounds seem to be the current pic with releases like Psycatron's newest offering on Tresor and Shur-i-kan & Milton Jackson's remix of MANIK on their own Dark Energy label.

This month also sees the release a compilation of edits/mixes of some of house music's most famous tracks from the 80s from the seminal Trax Records. Trax Re-Edited: The Original Chicago House Label Reborn is out via the DJHistory website and the good folk at Harmless Records.

Rob Warner's Tech/House Gems - February 2011
1. Psycatron - People In Glass Houses (Psycatron's Lateral Thinker mix) (Tresor)
2. MANIK - White Motif (Shur-i-kan vs Milton Jackson Mix) (Dark Energy)
3. Marco Da Mata & Matthew - Cargo (Ready Mix)
4. Festina Lente - Give it to Me (NightChild Records)
5. Vadim Lankov feat Barto - Berlin (Original Mix) (Inboks/Indeks)
6. O/V/R - Post Traumatic Son (DVS1 Pessimist Mix) (Blueprint)
7. Adonis - Rockin' Down The House (Hardway v Tobias) (Harmless/DJHistory)
8. Latecomer - The Magic Carpet (Original Mix) (Trendy Mullet)
9. Sasha Wins & Igor Shep - Dissecting A Fog (Andrei Fiber Remix) (Semantica)
10. Hypertic - 16 Channels (Mija)

Classic Pic: Lectroluv - Dream Drums (All Over Sound Factory Mix) (Eightball Records, 1994) Nothing says big-room tribal like a Sound Factory remix. This is Junior Vasquez in his heyday (before he went awol) and one of the most epic late-night tracks of the era - one which would show the new school a thing or two about using ethnic rhythms.

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