6 January 2011

Rob Warner techno & house chart - January 2011

Octave One, Aril Brikha, Daystar Rising
Revisiting classics is usually sacrilege but Octave One have embarked on a series of EPs of remixes of their classics, the first of which is a brilliant Aril Brikha remix of 1998s "Daystar Rising". Djax-Up-Beats era techno veteran Terrace also drops a new album, "Face Infinity", which has some magical moments including the ultra quirky "Combustion".

Rob Warner January 2011 chart
1. Octave One - Daystar Rising (Aril Brikha Remix) (430 West Recordings)
2. Vince Watson - Flux (Tresor)
3. Terrace - Combustion (EevoNext)
4. Antoine Caesar & Egor Boss - What's Your Name (Indeks Music)
5. D. Carbone - Space Addiction (Donor Remix) (Prosthetic Pressings)
6. Julien Fuentes & Soulscum - Comfort Me (Strangelove Records)
7. Dario Zenker - Just Sayin (Harry Klein Records)
8. Tony Cannon - Chicago City Skyline (Lee Waxman Remix) (Electric Sheep Recordings)
9. Raph Dumas - She Drinks Champagne (Enjoy Recordings)
10. Unluck - First Pill (Original Mix) (DLA Records)

Classic Pic: Blaze - Wishing You Were Here (A Vision For Jane mix) (Slip 'n' Slide, 1999)
Take an already great jammy track and let the 20:20 Vision crew remix it and you get this: hypnotic tech-house badness.

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