10 October 2010

October in Tech House (Part 1)

Corrugated Tunnel, Threadbare remix, OrlandoCorrugated Tunnel - Threadbare (Process Recordings)
Taken straight from his recent 'Minor Obsessions' LP this single gets the superstar remix treatment by way of Orlando Voorn. That alone should be enough info to check this out but this definitely is something special - a percussive groove which Voorn teases over five minutes before unleashing the madness. It's available in both vocal and instrumental but vocalist Martin McCann's efforts gel so well with the groove it wouldn't be quite the same without them. Norman Nodge, resident DJ at Berlin's Berghain, adds his own remix, a more low key treatment which still delivers the goods. With support from Derrick May, Samuel L Sessions, Agoria and more this is the business. Check out the 'Threadbare' page.

Pat King - A Glimpse of Reality E.P. (NightChild Records)
Pat King, NightChild Records
Trippy is the vibe of Pat King's dope 'A Glimpse of Reality' EP on New York's dope NightChild Records. The title track sounds like Theo Parrish sampling typewriter noises into a percussive deep number. 'Another Late Night' hits the dub techno groove to perfection, rolling along in subtly with some pretty nicely placed samples and delays. A must for fans of the Deep Chord/ Robert Hood vibe. 'A Glimpse of Reality' at Juno Download

Alvina Red & Manuel Perez - Vineyard Boogie E.P. (Lace Recordings)
Alvine Red, Manuel Perez, Vinestock Boogie
This crew can hardly put a foot wrong these days and the latest EP is yet another gem for forward-thinking dance floors which love techy stuff but also dig the deep stuff and interesting influences. That's exactly what you get here with the main track 'Vinestock Boogie'. It's a mid-tempo track with lush keys, a mellow synth line and tons of groove appeal. 'Bucket Express' is more 'classic' techy - with stabbed Detroit-style keys and a peak-time sort of quality. 'Vineyard Boogie' at Juno Download

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