21 August 2010

Mid August Lazy Tune Reviews

A lazy August for me on the posting front but a couple of reviews of cracking releases worth checking out.

Sian, Dreams Are Maps, Bedrock, Paul WoolfordSian - Dreams Are Maps (Bedrock Digital)
Bedrock continues to impress with Sian 'Dreams Are Maps'. The original is a sort of Moroder-ish incessant synth groove with retro vibes all over it and which featured on John Digweed's recent Structures mix. Remixes on this come from Paul Woolford who is as solid as always. Woolford's Waxed Out Dub is a more stripped back take with some nice segues and some slightly off-putting at first but nicely used vinyl crackles. Dope stuff. 3/5

Aenaria Tribal, World EP Vol 1Various Artists - World EP Vol 1 (Aenaria Tribal)
Aenaria Tribal's latest is the V/A - World EP Vol. 1 - a collection of tribal numbers some of which are sublime. Davide Marchesiello 'Africa' is the pick of the bunch, a simple minimal tribal groove with a really nicely sculptured vibe which adds some pads, ethnic flutes (in the manner it should be but so rarely is), Deep Forrest-esque vocals etc making for a pretty awesome trip. Macrotech 'Indian Shaman' is a jammy and bouncy vibe, more of a DJ tool, but still well worth checking out and Mike Kings 'Saudade' is the Tenaglia moment of the E.P., a menacing big-room track full of dark stabs, heavy bass and acid elements. 4/5
Aenaria Tribal at Beatport

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