31 March 2010

George FM Guest Show, 30 March 2010

I filled in on George FM on 30 March for Maya Vanya's Chaga Time radio show.
Maya Vanya, NGDJ, George FM dj,

Bjork - Isobel (Dimitri's Enchanted Forest Mix), M.in & De la Maso - Skinny Wendy (Patrick Kunkel Remix), Steffi - Kill Me, Shlavens & D-Lav - Ready To Go Now, Da Boo - Spark That, Buzzin Cuzzins - Let Me Show You Love (Hiro Re-Edit), DJ Q - Glasgow's Jazz, Alex Santer - Sweet Tones, E-N - What's A Girl To Do?
 Abe Duque - Trying To Stay Underground (Rob Warner re-edit), Maetrik - Purr Baby, Ray Okpara feat Nikki - Brainows, Marco Solforetti - Buenos Aires (Funk Mix), **Classic Pic** Sound 5 - The Hacienda Must Be ReBuilt (Soul Mekanik Re-edit)
 Vince Watson - Come With Me, Arno E Mathieu - Heritage (Mash-up of Visions 1 & 3), Josh Wink - Don't Laugh-apella, Renato Cohen - Bentobird, Kid Culture - Wappie Campers, Luciano Pizzella - Duplicate
The Quasar ft. Yvel & Tristan - Funkytown (Sezer Uysal Remix), Orlando Voorn - Angles (Tomas Jirku Remix)

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