16 March 2009

Kaufe Musik and Their Crazy New Wave House

Kaufe Musik, Rob Warner DJ, Basti GrubOver the past six or so months I've been taken by a new trend in underground house - pokey, 1920s music sampling, loopy house/tech sound being busted out by the sub-labels and artists on the Kaufe Musik group coming out of Germany.

The style I've been enjoying has the hallmarks of a Luciano-style groove, but with a bit of a 90s Chicago bounce/cheekiness added and a few other tricks thrown in. It's house, it's dubby techno and it's tribal polka all in one - with an almost comical attitude at times too. I've seen more than a few show up in the 'DESPERATE ID NEEDED' threads on forums from recent sets by Laurent Garnier,
Josh Wink, Roger Sanchez etc so I'm clearly not alone in enjoying this style.

The group of producers of this sound which have really caught my ear are M.in, Basti Grub, Ben Anders, Andre Crom etc. A series of releases on Kaufe Musik sub-labels have hit the right notes in my sets. Anyway, here are a couple worth checking out next time you're online shopping.

M.in & Sascha Lebemann - Maya (Waldliebe Musik) - the original is brilliant enough in its simplicity - muddy, chunky, tribal groove with superb vocals (I can't even tell what language it is but it doesn't really matter) but Ben Anders also chips in with a solid remix.

Basti Grub - El Gitarro (M.in Remix) (Merkesdir) - this would no doubt be a staple in the likes of Luciano/Villalobos sets - those almost unidentifiable tracks they play which cover ethnic chants, tribal rhythms and tech-house quality engineering.

Basti Grub - Kirmes Lauf (Geregelt) - for a DJ tool/funky Chicago drum track with an almost cartoonish 1920s vocal looped in it
Crom and Doobie - Parklife (M.in remix) (OFF Recs) - the strongest and most original in this style I've heard so far - so so so quirky and layered through levels of chords and drums which have a totally hypnotic hook.

Mr.Dynamite - Stupidisco (Double C RMX) (Farbton recs) - if anyone could have found a more blues era vocal I don't know how - this sounds like the Black Snake Moan overtop of a German minimal techno track. Sounds implausible - but they manage to pull it off in style.

M.in & Spedro - My Way (incl Basti Grub mix) (Höhenregler Recs)

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Nice. Will check it out fro sure. Matty K.