11 February 2009

Derrick Carter Apologises for Auckland No-Show

Derrick Carter apology for missing event So many DJs seem to make poor efforts to make amends when they miss flights and local promoters are usually the ones who get the stick reputation-wise.

Derrick Carter has been to NZ many times and he's known to be a bit of a party animal. A couple of weeks ago he was in Australia and (we're told) had partied hard at the previous night, causing him to miss his flight to Auckland. He rebooked on a later flight but missed that one too! It was too late to cancel the party so it went ahead without him - nuff said there were some pretty cheesed-off party-goers.

To Carter's credit he fronted up with with a video to personally say sorry for letting everyone down which was sent out to ticket-holders. I'm told he's also blocked out some time to come down and play some gigs in a few months to make amends even.

So, big kudos to Carter for having some respect for the people who keep him in his job.

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