23 November 2007

Music Spiel with Rob Warner, November 2007

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Music Spiel with Rob Warner, 22 November 2007
Valentino Kanzyani – Simple Things Do Work (Circle Music)
Simple things do work – literally. Kanzyani drops his most housey release of late and it kicks arse. It's a simple, house number from the master of Eastern European techno, which builds for over two minutes before a massive rolling bassline drops. Kanzyani adds his trademark jingley percussion and a twisted filtered synth to make the tune a peak-time bomb! 4/5 stars

Facu Cruz – Unbearable Anxiety (FeralCode Records)
FeralCode as always hitting the spot with their understated progressive sound. There are three solid mixes - all with something to get you moving. The original mix is a spacey prog number with a filtered bassline and nice rhythm section. Mr Rogers turns in a killer version here with a bouncy groove and acid-style bassline giving a very twisted ride atop of the main melody. Masque's remix is more straight-up prog with classic stabby synths and a big-room atmosphere to it. This is definitely a release worth checking. 4/5 stars

Jaimy – Amor (Louie Balo Remix) (Drum Mode)
This is Louie Balo doing what he does best – taking an already great record and turning it into something extraordinary. His first mix is a tribal number with sultry female vocals and xylophone-esque percussion which is just sublime. Balo's alternative mix is a shuffly afro-house number which retains much of the same sounds as the maim mix but re-arranged in a broken beat style. A tune for summer by the beaches for sure. 5/5 stars

Christian Scott - Just So U Know (Slanted House)
Solid proper house is the best way to describe this. It's chunky and understated with a really nice spoken vocal and deep dubby chords & bass. Scott hits the groove on this one really well - riding the line between old-school and current styles. The Old School Techno Dub is a more rhythm-laden NYC sound which also does a nod to the 90s with a filtered acid synth and more big-room feel. 4/5 stars

Funky Green Dogs - Reach For Me (Paul Woolford's 11 Minutes of Magic remix) (Cr2 Records)
It's taken a while but someone has finally done a remix of Murk's classic "Reach for me" which doesn't completely suck. Paul Woolford
's mix is essentially a re-edit, updated for 2007, keeping the vibe of the original and adding his personal touch of subtle delays and arrangement rejigs. As usual, Woolford keeps it real and makes the others look like amateurs. 4/5 stars

Popof – Alcoolic (Cr2 Records)
If DC10 means anything to you then this is a tune to check out. It's a minimalistic house gem with space invaders stabbing synths done in a way which isn't nearly as naff as it sounds. The 2nd track, "Hypnotical", is the slow burner here – a simple and infectious number which almost fits in the realm of new wave Eastern European techno. Top remixes come courtesy of Paul Woolford who, as always, has a knack for making a great tune even better and Matt Tolfrey & Inexc who turn in a more layed back hypnotic remix which builds to a peak which will have people climbing walls at 6am after too many Redbulls. 4/5 stars


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