13 July 2007

Music Spiel with Rob Warner – 12 July 2007

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The year is hotting up for sure now. Plenty of fantastic new tunes coming out by new and established artists. Check some out here...

Tarot – Everything You Feel (Ready Mix Records)

Japanese producer Tarot has hit the jackpot not only with his dubby tribal style but also in being on the receiving end of some of the dopest remixes you could hope for. “Everything You Feel” is big-room house number which is taken in different directions by DJ Vibe, Cytric and Dr Tang & Big Al. DJ Vibe takes things on a similar top to his previous gem “I’ll Take You” while Cytric does a New York tribal sound with a belting tribal rhythm and grinding bassline. Montreal’s Dr Tang & Big Al take a more trippy path and add a more ethereal vibe – spacey noises and more subtle arrangement. It’s got a killer break-beat section as well which brings a big smile!

Sonic L - Forget The Past (Strangelove Records)
James Benitez kick starts his new label off with “Forget the past” by Greek producer Sonic L. The original is a synthy prog track with crisp production while the Ampere remix has more of a bouncey groove and deeper sub-bass. German remixer here so expect the choppy snippets they’re so well known for. A futuristic sound and a nice tune to kick the label of.

Facundo Mohrr – Once Upon A Time (FeralCode Records)
FeralCode Records' next release is a sublime prog from Argentinian producer Facundo Mohrr. The original mix is a melodic tech house track with plenty of atmosphere – subtle and dreamy. The Max Demand remix is even more dreamy, almost a reprise version, and is of a quality that is so rare in music these days. The media release describes it as “a sunset by the sea” which couldn’t be more accurate. Another Argentinian talent, Guille Quero, adds a more clubby and driving mix which completes this as one of the year’s finest releases to date. I could listen to this all day.

Z@p – Plumonito EP (Immigrant Digital)
I love a bit of weirdness when it comes to music and Z@p’s new release on Immigrant Digital is just funky as shit. Of the five tracks “Eso Eso” is a sub bass-driven jacking groove which has a hypnotic rhythm and some seriously freaky morphing effects on the music and vocals. The title track Plumonito and the Matias Muten remix of it are both deeper after-hours track witch are gothic minimal at its finest. Dark man!

Julian Jeweil - Air Conditionne (Skrymtom Records)
“Air Conditionne” is an electro tinged track which does something a bit different – a synth line which has all the hallmarks of an old-school video game soundtrack – but not lame at all… awesome in fact. French producer Julian Jeweil does a nice job of keeping it all on track and Umek turns in a solid remix as a bonus.


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