28 May 2007

Music Spiel with Rob Warner - 29 May 2007

Everything seems to remind me of old-school this month. It seems the faster everyone moves ahead the more it returns to a golden mid-90 feel. Not complaining one bit though! Check out some of the bomb tunes which have landed on the desk in the past few weeks.

Locklear & Poppin - We Struggle (Helvetica Recordingz)

This is an electro-prog gem which caught my ear recently. It takes a funky bassline, an acid synth and spoken vocals. The original and Big Clap remix are both party tunes which will appeal to house and progressive fans alike. Helvetica Recordingz have been consistently turning out solid tunes and should be on your 'to check out' list if you're a fan of prog/tech slanted futuristic music.

Christian Scott feat Craig Mitchell - Tonight (Slanted Black)
Jordan Rivera - Desire (Christian Scott Remix) (Slanted Black)

"Tonight" is a soulful track with a bouncy groove and nice scat style vocals which wouldn't be out of place in a garage or tribal set. Along similar lines Jordan Rivera "Desire" gets the Christian Scott remix treatment with serious dance floor weapon potential. It's got the 'I know this tune' feel to it and a classic New York house quality that just makes you want to put it on repeat.

Anil Chawla - Hysteria (CR2 Records)
This is a surprisingly effective track. "Hysteria" starts out sparse with a laid-back groove before building into something more sinister. This is the end of the electro-house spectrum which rocks my boat. Think Cass, Paolo Mojo and you're on the right track. An solid track from a very reliable artist.

Elmar Schubert - Viladomat EP (Polyphonics Recordings)
"Viladomat" is a jumpy little electronic number with heaps of funk and soul to it while "Spooning" takes on a more relaxed groove with a filtering synth line and uplifting chords. "Blip" however is the gem on this release for me - it's a totally rocking dance floor tune which I'd bet Danny Howells would cane. It's sort of a Stacey Pullen meets Bent vibe - chunky, fun electronic music.

Friburn & Urik ft Tomer - Let The Beat Give You Rhythm (Fatal Music)
Keeping things well and truly in the tribal territory. The main mix has an old school vibe to it with spoken vocals and plenty of manic tribal madness for peak time play. Fatal Music regular Dulac serves up a more dark New York style mix - gothic, dubby and full of atmospheric fx and sinister stabs. This is Fatal Music on point once again.

James Robson - Scream (Suesse Records)
The original of "Scream" didn't really impress me but Mashtronic have done an electro-house remix which has plenty of acid rave stabs. Disciples Of Sound also do a solid job with their remix too with a chunky buzzing bassline and slow-building arrangement. The Disciples Of Sound mix is the pick of the bunch here for me. Nice!


Greg S said...

Nice selections there mate.

Andi (frank the tank) said...

awesome tunes Rob. will go and check some of them out.