10 February 2007

Music Spiel - Global new tunes news - 10 February 2007

Back for 2007 – once again plenty of new tunes are rocking my boat.

Babak Shayan has a knack for making deep, hypnotic house to perfection. His latest release, "Azadi", on (Pesto Music) is yet anther great track with a shuffling vibe and tons of dance floor-ability. Jussi Pekka adds a slamming remix in a future-house style which morphs into a tweaking acid-house anthem which brings back some 1990s Josh Wink vibes.

Wehbba & Christian "Quickfix" (Mainfloor) is remixed by Andy Slate who shows the other side to his production styles. Think Kevin Saunderson-meets-Marco Carola - it makes for a party techno track. Massive synths and a grinding deep bassline keep the dance floor happy.

Mario K "Colours" EP follows a tribal-progressive groove that Ready Mix Records does so well. "Black and White" is a diving track with ethnic flutes and "Orange Clouds" rocks with a deep and dreamy groove.

Don't Delete is the name of the new man behind the moustache from Glasgow. Don't Delete vs Domsko have two gems out shortly on the Kingdome Kome Cuts label from Germany. "Wet Tail" and "Turn It Up" are both no-holds party tunes with Eric Morillo written all over them. They've also been turning head with their remake of Human League's "Don't You Want Me" - a surefire anthem in the coming months.

Drum Mode go in a totally different direction with their latest release, Eugen feat Tanya "Don't Feel So Lonely". Essentially a garage track with the sultry vocals of Tanya - the original is a radio-friendly love-song which includes a few variations: the shuffly Eugen Mix and the mellow Soulful Mix. BUT, this is where Jaimy steps in and delivers his three tribal-infused remixes. Of his three mixes the NY-style Tribal Dub is the one which does it for me.

Nathan Fake's "Outhouse" remixes on Recycled Loops finally get the release techno peps have been waiting for. Marko Nastic does his grinding best and Valentino Kanzyani takes a more electro and less bass-heavy mix that I'd normally expect from him but, all the same, it's a very useful track.

Harper & Green make their debut on Pure Substance Records with the "Lifetime" EP. This has been big with Nick Warren for months and the title track is the gem for me. It's a classic progressive track in the Tilt style of things which starts low, builds bit by bit adding more layers to a peak which I can just imagine being one of those epic Nick Warren moments. The other two track on the EP are also solid tracks for fans of real progressive house.

For lovers of New York tribal The Undah-Dub & Breeze drop "Welcome To No York" (Fatal Music) with classic Alan T-esque vocals screaming about "No York" a future version of New York city with nowhere left to party. Tribal production as good as you expect from Fatal Music and with a bonus DJ tool (acapella).

Abu Duque is the Moodyman of techno as far as I'm concerned. He leads the way with his totally off-kilter and original ideas and cheeky quirkiness. From his own Abe Duque Records, "Trying To Stay Underground", is just that – underground dance music at it's finest. It's a minimal track with spoken male and female vocals discussing god knows what. Half way through the track the music up and changes rhythm to a different groove out of nowhere. Simple and catchy for sure. And well worth checking out.


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